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Going on a decade of experience behind the torch, we at Hoyes Quartz are experienced in flamework. It wasn’t until a few years ago, though, that we began the transition from working with boro to quartz. Since then we have expanded to supplying both the U.S. and Canada with quality and affordable products. The transition began when a distributor of Hoyes boro work began seeing a demand for high-caliber quartz products. Over the course of about 3 years, Hoyes Quartz has modified our product several times including making the buckets deeper and thicker for better heat retention.

The nails themselves are made of GE214 American Sourced quartz from a small company in Pensylvania. They come in all common joint sizes & genders, both angles, and 3 different bucket sizes. The bucket comes in three different sizes: 16mm (reg), 24mm (xl), and 30mm (xxl). Hoyes also makes quartz and boro bubble caps as well as boro directionals to go along with our nails. Just above the joint on the banger is a little notch that functions as an oil catcher for the minimal amount that runs from the bucket. This is especially useful when your glass has a male joint.

In the future, Hoyes Quartz plans to expand into a production borosilicate line. As far as our nails are concerned the company is always looking to better our product. This includes plans for a ground joint option in the future.

If you haven’t tried a Hoyes Quartz nail, there’s never been a better time than now.


Please allow 5-10 business days for order processing. We can provide a tracking number on request.

If your order arrives damaged, please email contact@hoyesquartz.com within 36hours to notify us of the problem. We will ask you to send the broken piece back to us. We will refund you the shipping cost and send you a replacement once we receive the broken item.

All returns must have proof of purchase.

If you want to Change, Return or Cancel your order, you are responsible for paying shipping both ways.

Any Items that have been used or not in New or Original condition may not be returned. We will not accept used pieces by mail, ever.

All products for tobacco use only.

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